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Seco SV 1010


  • high uptime, minimized operating costs, minimal maintenance
  • High Performance Vanes:
    extended lifetime, extremely resistant to wear and humidity, Aerodur 274 Zirkon vanes
  • Dry-Running:
    self-lubricating vanes, no operating fluids
  • Reliable:
    robust construction, reliable operation, proven performance
  • Compact:
    direct-drive construction

Seco SV dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps are compact, robust and extremely powerful. Due to their proven lubricant-free operating principle they can be used in many industrial applications where rapid and reliable oil-free vacuum is required. For example, they are perfectly suited for use in pick and place applications, in hospitals and healthcare facilities, for clamping and holding, packaging and printing.

Dry-running rotary vane vacuum technology has been continuously developed and optimized by Busch in the course of over 30 years. High levels of availability and operational reliability are the benefits of ongoing product advancement. Seco SV rotary vane vacuum pumps are characterized by their robust construction and self-lubricating vanes made from special graphite Aerodur 274 Zirkon.

These vanes are extremely resistant to both wear and humidity. They have a lifetime longer than other conventional vanes on the market, ensuring extremely high uptime and minimized operating costs.

Perfectly synchronized components and materials, effective heat discharge and state-of-the-art precision manufacturing ensure constantly high pumping speeds in continuous operation. Their compact dimensions allow installation to be carried out almost anywhere with ease.

Maintenance can easily be carried out by the operator. Apart from routine visual inspection and changing vanes and filters at regular service intervals, no further maintenance is required.