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With the KV series up to 4 expansion units can be added. Using these PLC s, it's easy to expand the number of I/O s. To achieve the input/output ratio that suits your needs, KV-16 expansion unit can be added in any combination of 3 to the KV-80 or KV-40. Any combination of 4 expansions units can be added to the other models.

New Ladder Builder support software enables you to debug your program on a PC screen without connecting to a PLC or other device.

The interrupt input instruction receives pulse signals as short as 25 µs regardless of the program cycle time, thus allowing real time processing.The KV series also provides two 10 kHz counters that are suitable for counting pulses with a high frequency.

Useful during startup, the analog timer trimmer enables you to adjust the values for timers and counters, in real time, based on actual operating conditions, with a range from 0 to 249. There are 2 analog timers in the KV-80, KV-40, and KV-24, and 1 in the KV-16 and KV-10.